Science Communication

My career path and aspirations has definitely changed over the years. But that's okay! I'm taking my:

  • 10+ years of biomedical research experience
  • Multiple publications
  • MS in Microbiology & Immunology and MS in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology (in progress)

And I'm committed to providing efficient and high quality writing and editing services! Whether you need help polishing a manuscript for publication, tidying up a thesis, or want to find the best way to write a technical piece for non-scientists, I'm your girl.


Need help with:

  • fitness, health and lifestyle changes?
  • Personal growth?
  • Improving your confidence?

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Sometimes you just find some small hobby that you're just incredlby passionate about.

That's exactly how I feel about photography! I've been blessed to travel and take photos all over the world, as well as take engagement photos of friends.

I would love for you to check out my work!