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Monthly Membership + Exclusive Content

For EXCLUSIVE ONLINE ACCESS to my Online Virtual Gym!

You'll get access to exclusive content, meal plan guides, workouts, free copies of all my e-books, and an exclusive community to help keep you on track in your fitness journey!

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Membership + Coaching

All the perks of the Monthly Membership + ME as your 1-on-1 coach and mentor. If you're looking to get ready for a physique competition, I'm not the coach for you. But if you're looking to develop sustainable habits for life, to find a lifestyle that you actually enjoy maintaining with foods that you like eating and no-guilt cheats, then I'm your girl!

We'll spend time 1-on-1 each week we're going to go over what you did/didn't do, how things are going, what is and isn't working, and we're going to develop a sustainable lifestyle based on your goals. Your goals might change, too, and we'll adjust them accordingly!

You get out what you put into this...I'll tell you that right now.

And you have to be honest with me.

I'm not the type of coach that will get mad at you for enjoying a piece of pizza, a glass of wine, a beer...I enjoy those things just as much as the next person!  But, I will get upset with you if you lie to me about it. I will get upset with you if you lie to me about your workouts. I can help you work through your bad habits, cravings, and help you deal with temptations, but only if you're up front and honest with me about those things.

More than likely, I've dealt with the exact same things. And I want to help!

So, if you're ready to reality-check your excuses and work with someone who has dealt with the former-chubby girl feelings, the temptations, the cravings, the body-image issues, and can get you past them, then this is definitely the option for you!

Coming Soon!

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