Nutrition Information & Freebies

First Off, Some Freebies...

The How to MEAL PREP e-Book...'s the cornerstone of everything that is going to make you successful in your health & fitness journey! But it can also be one of the most challenging pieces! When do we fit it in? What do we prep? Where should we start? I answer all of those questions for you in this e-book, which I'm giving to all of you for FREE! Download it, Save it, and ENJOY IT!

The Meals of the Week (MOTW) Cookbook...

Usually I sell this book in my store! But you? You get it for free!

...all of my favorite recipes! Including Quinoa Mac N' Cheese, Cumin-roasted butternut squash salad, Veggetti stir fry and zoodles with marinara sauce, tortilla pizzas, etc.!


Fail to plan & You Plan to Fail...

Instead of leaving what you're putting into your body up to change - plan ahead! Check out some of these tools...

21 Day Fix Sample Meal Plan - HERE

21 Day Fix Shopping List - HERE

21 Day Fix Calendar - HERE

21 Day Fix Meal Planner - HERE

General Meal Planner - HERE

Recipes & Healthy Substitute Sugestions

A big help for me has always been to have a lot of great, healthy substitutes ideas so that I never get bored! So here are some documents for you to check out...

Snack Ideas - HERE

Shakeology Recipes - HERE and HERE

Quick & Simple Lunches - HERE

Healthy Substitutes - HERE

Clean Eating GUIDE - HERE

...Check out these Pinterest Boards:

Healthy & Happy, Workout Fuel, 21 Day Fix Food, Cheap & Healthyand for football season (or really anytime you have a party) - Healthy Game Day Treats


...and last but not least, these Healthy "How To" Guides:

How To Stay Healthy When You're Traveling

How to Stay Healthy When You Go Out to Eat

15 Ways to Have a Healthy Happy Hour


Keep your eyes peeled as I add more free goodies to this page!