What to Expect from the Confidence Course

8 Weeks & 8 MODULES.

— George Bernard Shaw


  • Define your WHY for Completing the Confidence Course
  • Learn what Confidence is & what it is NOT

MODULE 2: Struggles & Behaviors

  • The 4 types of Confidence
  • The ways in which people undermine their confidence

Module 3: Know yourself, Grow Yourself

  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Personality Types because knowing yourself helps create confidence
  • Inner Demons & Insecurities
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs that undermine your confidence

Module 4: Developing Emotional confidence

  • Outcome Dependence and how it holds us back
  • Self-Compassion because the language you use when you speak to yourself affects your confidence
  • Comfort Zones why staying comfortable is a great short-term solution, but a poor way of improving your confidence long-terms
  • Alter Egos - fake it till you make it isn't just a saying
  • Authenticity and ways to practice authenticity, so that you can become more comfortable with yourself
  • Mindfulness because sometimes simple seeing and understanding your habits, your inner monologue and your reactions is the key to changing your confidence
  • Gratitude because research has shown that one of the best ways for ensuring mental health is by being grateful and thankful for what you have

MODULE 5: Developing Physical Confidence

  • Confident Body Language because research has shown that simple changes in your body language can drastically change performance
  • Physical Confidence Cues - we all have cues for when our body and mind are confident, and we can use them to get ourselves into a confident state
  • Self-Care Practices for Improving Your Confidence because part of feeling confident is taking care of ourselves

Module 6: Developing ConfidenT Relationships

  • Managing Relationships because relationships can have positive and negative affects on us and we need to learn how to manage them
  • Confident Relationships with Loved Ones & Family

MODULE 7: Tools for Developing Confidence

  • Creating a Confidence Manifesto - your road map to your ideal life
  • Writing your Life Resume because you've done so much more in your life than you think you have
  • Finding the proof in your life
  • Developing Mantras to help you work through times of fear, self-doubt, insecurity, and shame

Module 8: Moving forward

  • Measuring Your Progress
  • Goal Setting
  • What to do When you Hit Plateaus
  • Daily Practices for Cultivating Confidence

Membership Options...


Group Confidence Coaching

$10 - 8 weeks of Coaching

Join the group Confidence Course, starting May 2017, for 8 weeks of video coaching, 1 hour weekly meetings with your peers, email access to your Coach (me!), and a private Facebook group to keep in touch and get support from your coach and community throughout the process! PLUS, you'll receive lifetime access to the Confidence Course! for FREAKING $10 if you get in on the pilot group!!!! 



$99 - 8 weeks: 1-on-1 & group

This 8-week program includes collaboration with the Confidence Group members, inclusion in the group meetings and online, private Facebook group. However, in addition, you also get an extra 60 min 1-on-1 session with me PER WEEK!

PLUS, you'll also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the Confidence Course!

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SElf-paced Confidence Course

$50 for the Full Program

Maybe the group or 1-on-1 coaching program isn't for you! That's cool too, my friend! You can get access to the full program - 8 modules of video lessons, access to all the handouts and worksheets to help you get through the program - for 6 months!

Interested in a 50% discount?

Then talk to me about completing a post-program 30 min call to talk about your experience on the program! Otherwise, choose your program below to get started!

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