All Progress is Good Progress

It's funny to me how when the pounds and pant sizes stop dropping as quickly we get frustrated and think we're not making progress...

I've been doing that a lot lately.

But what we don't seem to realize is that every victory, every good choice we make, every little change in our body or new muscle that appears, every new move we can do or heavier weight we can lift, that shit is ALLLLLLLL PROGRESS!

So many people make the mistake of looking at the pursuit of any goal from the perspective of how far they have to go to get what they want...and not how far they've come or how much they've improved! It's a simple mindset shift! And yet it's so hard to make!

This morning, give yourself some credit! Pat yourself on the back for everything you've done right instead of everything you've made mistakes on! That right there is how people stay motivated!